Metal separators / metal separators and other sorting machines from ALREC-TEC GmbH. Since 2012, ALREC-TEC has been building metal separators / metal separators and other sorting machines that have a unique USP. Our metal separators / metal separators separate metals by means of highly efficient, robust flaps. So you do not need compressed air! This saves you investment and operating costs. Our metal separators are also significantly quieter and of course you save on electricity costs.

Through many years of activity in the field of recycling and environmental protection technology, the employees of ALREC-TEC have been able to gain extensive experience and knowledge in the field of recycling and the treatment of waste.

This experience relates in particular to the processing and recycling of:

  • Metal recovery (metal separation / metal separation by means of METALL-KICKER) from wastes
  • Metal separation from plastics and other recyclables
  • Shredder residue fraction, shredder light fraction
  • Shredder heavy fraction
  • Sorting by color / color separation (by means of color kicker)
  • Processing of waste from other origins
  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Recycling in general

Sorting is always a compromise. At least one fraction must be concentrated as much as possible!

The compromise lies in the extent to which one is prepared to make concessions with regard to throughput, quality, availability … to make.

We at AlRec-Tec will always try to meet your requirements!



Highly efficient, extremely fast and energy-efficient actuator switching cycles of 60,000,000 and more flaps are now 25 mm wide, which means much better resolution and output of the sorted material.


Using the metal separator (airless metal separator) of type metal kicker, you can kick out all kinds of metal from any kind of material / waste stream. To do this optimally,


Color-Kicker is a color sorting system that uses the color differences of different materials or even metals to separate the different materials or material classes from each other.


You are interested in our system, but you have your own ideas, which you want to implement yourself, no problem.

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